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Many suggestions!

Post by n113 on Sat Feb 28, 2015 10:54 pm


I'd like to suggest the installation of another map and add-on, with class supports, and rules.

Map Change Suggestion!
Proposed Map: rp_downtown_v4c_drp
- Has more room for players.
- Has a race-track. (See addon requests)
- Has tunnels and etc for more zombies.
- General upgrade from v4c
- Bigger and sexier (no more cramped neighbors)
- "VIP" homes for gangs

Addon Introductions!
- Good way to empty pockets.
- Fancy and easier transport.
- Adds to the element of RP.

- Adds to the element of RP.
- Assists for police!
- More fear (cops are a joke tbh).

- Adds to RP factor.
- Gives police extra defense.
- Makes better use than batons.

Server Rules
I believe people (like Gongler) who search the rules and do everything that isn't listed is stupid! That should be ended! I have also seen many situations that were the source of these rules I propose. (Even if the rules exist already)

Perhaps adding rules like:
1- Ignorance is not an excuse to violate the rules, even if you did/didn't read them!
2- Your account is responsible for all actions it's responsible for.
3- The word of Administrators/Mods is final. Example, saying 'No bad language', and isn't stated @ !motd still means 'No bad language'.

Class Additions
1- Give thief class keypad crackers / make a "Hacker" class w/ keypads that assist thief classes.
2- Give SWAT classes more "fitting" weapons, such as: SWAT -> Gets M4A1 (M9K), etc.
3- Possible classes. (Ask if you need some. I can make some)

Thank you for reading, best of luck!

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