(Important) Big problem!

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(Important) Big problem!

Post by n113 on Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:25 pm

Hello again,

It has come to my notice that users are able to use Expression 2 and other Wiremod devices that should be blacklisted.
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Expression 2 has limitless possibilities, but if in the wrong hands, can be used for no-no actions.
Such examples, but not limited to, are:
- Crashing the server.
- Black boxes around everyones head (blind).
- Being cloaked (like in ulx cloak).
- Entity detectors.
- etc.

Please type 'sbox_maxwire_expressions 0' AND restrict access for specific groups in RCON/Console/game to block the chips themselves.
This will not end the problem but I do suggest that further investigation should take place for Wiremod.

Please, stop the problem before it ever happens.

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