Want Admin? [Things to Consider]

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Want Admin? [Things to Consider]

Post by Kaito on Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:08 am

Applying for staff? [Things to Consider]

What to consider!
• How many hours have you played? I would say if you have over 200 hours on Garry's Mod before you start applying for any staff [Simply because you need to learn/understand the game enough to help others]

• Do you understand ULX in some way? This can vary but at least know what it is.

• Do you have experience in other servers *Specifically GARRY'S MOD [Maybe not staff but just in general] Okay this is a big one guys, you want experience some way or another. Everyone is a little different and you wanna know how to handle that and possibly what they might expect from you as staff. What I mean is someone on another server might know different rules, and because you never played there you might not understand what they are talking about (I.E thinking they are making up rules, ect)

• Get to know the community before you apply for staff, make some friends and help others. and above all know your rules, and try to avoid those warnings!

• Try to make your application unique to you and provide something new to the table [Side Note: Don't lie!!]

• Make sure you have recommendations that is a MUST

• Make your application look professional. Take time to right your sentences and actual put a little effort I would suggest even saving it in a text document and giving yourself a day or two to think about the questions. On top of this make sure spacing between questions is nice and either bold or change the color of the question so it is easy to read and understand. *Use Proper Grammar.

The Negatives [What not to do]
• Making a account on the forums just to apply for staff [This is a extremely bad idea and shows no interest in the community]
• Making your poll UN-Formal [Just have, Yes|Neutral|No [I've see way too many people put there poll as like Heck Yeah, Possibly, No way! Just keep it simple]
• Obvious that you didn't put time into your application!
• Under the amount of hours required for server.[Make sure you have the required about or it wont be accepted.]
• Make sure your active, you will get -negative support for never being seen on the server, that's just the way it is!

Know that by applying for staff you are put under a lot of stress and sometimes aren't aloud to RP that day (So I've Noticed) because of the reports constantly coming in.  I would suggest taking your application EXTREMELY SERIOUS as well as the powers bestowed on to you.

Good luck Future Applicants!!!

Please take into consideration that staff is a special position given to those who can be trusted and are ready. Not for you to just get to abuse, or make your self "look cool".
If you found this guide helpful please comment below, and thank you for helping this get moved to a pinned post on the Staff Application page!

Please Keep In Mind This Is Just A Guide To Help Others [You might NOT have the same opinion but this is mine]

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