Player Report Format

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Player Report Format

Post by Kaito on Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:26 am

Player Reports
Please use this template when submitting a report.

How to report a player
Use this format (copy+paste and fill in the blanks) when you create a new topic. Please be detailed in your description of the events that occurred.
Be sure to provide proof (screenshots or videos) that prove your report. Otherwise, your report will be dismissed for lack of evidence.
When creating a report, use the proper format, or you will be warned.

When you create a report, be sure to make the title "Player Report: (Name)".
For example: "Player Report: Lucas"
Be sure to include the tag "Report". This will help us easily search for and organize existing reports.

You can collect the player's SteamID by typing "status" in console.
Report Format

Player's In-Game Name:

Player's SteamID:

Rule(s) the Player Has Broken:

Describe What Happened:


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